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Albino girl for MK3 Million cash ‘trader jailed’

By Lyson Mapanga

An 11 year old girl with Albinism from Saiti Village in the area of Traditional Authority Chikwewo in Machinga District was kidnapped around 9pm of Monday 5th January, 2015 by three men and she was found the following morning at Nampeya Trading Centre in the same district.

According to the Public Relations Officer for Machinga Police, Constable Andrew Mayawo, the girl was abducted as she was sleeping with other children in a family house and by then she was dressing half petticoat only

“The girl was found during morning hours of Tuesday 6th January, 2015 with bruises on the right hand side of her head an injury she sustained after she fell down from the bicycle which she was carried on. After interviewing her, the girl had a chance to escape on the way as the men were busy servicing the bicycle and the following morning, well wishers from Nampeya Trading Centre dressed a T-shirt,” said Constable Mayawo The girl had a chance to disclose one of the men she recognized and her relatives apprehended the man and called Chikwewo Police.

“As we were arriving at the scene, we found members of the community were at the house of the suspect carrying stones, sticks and powdering pestles as they wanted to kill him. However, the Police had hidden the suspect and later he was sent to Nselema Police Unit, “he said. According to Constable Mayawo, the suspect was promised by certain people that he would be offered with his friends an amount of 3 Million Malawi Kwacha to be shared upon getting an Albino or bones of a dead person with Albinism.

“As of now, we are keeping the suspect in the custody. Meanwhile, we are not obliged to disclose his name for security purposes and investigations are underway and other suspects are at large. After questioning the suspect, he disclosed to us that he was told to hunt for an albino or bones of died person with albinism, “Said Constable Mayawo. As of now, the victimized girl is at her home in Saiti Village T/A Chikwewo in the district.

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